Introduction of Curator


『 Wu Fuqing 』
Board Chairman of ZHIZHENG WENBO Group
Director of ZHIZHENG Art Museum
Director of Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong
Founder and Secretary General of Academy of Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Deputy Director of Chinese Commercial Culture Study
Deputy Director of Chinese Artworks Backflow Committee of State Cultural Relics Administration
2015 Ten Economic Celebrities of Guangdong Province

Profile of Mr. Wu Fuqing & ZHIZHENG WENBO Group 


Wu Fuqing was burn to a Huizhou Merchant family reputed for artwork collections.Wu’s grandfather,Yu Rongfa,well known among Huizhou Merchants as a master of collection and artwork identification during the period of the Republic of China,when he ran seven Yu Yuan Tai Pawn stores in cities including Shanghai,Yangzhou,Suzhou and Hangzhou.As an established artwork identification master,Wu si outstanding in theories,and expert in appraising practice as well.Basing on identification of hundreds of thousands painting and calligraphy works,Wu is honored as the most potential of younger generation art identification experts China.As the fifth descendant of his family collections,Wu is an expert of the core technique of idengifying artwork aging by the materials.One of Wu’s heritages,a vast book of family-edited samples of silk,paper and damask silk for aging judgment collected in the dynasties including Song,Yuan,Ming,and Qing,proves to be a significant treasure record.Information taken on said samples has been compiled to database which,as a core technique,is never to be copied,but critical to artwork aging identification,and greatly valued.It’s famed as the DNA and source code of Chinses traditional artwork.

Aspired by the mission of passing on Chinese culture,and his dream of building ZHIZHENG Museum to be the largest private museum in China,Mr.Wu searched precious and rarity collections all over the globe,and spent hundreds of millions in his tours around countries and regions including the GB,France,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,and Taiwan.Wu takes it his greatest goal to spread and promote Chinese culture over the world,and meantime to take back to mother land scattered Chinese treasures.

ZHIZHENG WENBO Group is a business enterprise specializing in Chinese cultural and high-tech industries.Founded in the 1990s,the Group now owns three outlets of Shenzhen ZHIZHENG Art Museum(so far the largest privately owned museum in China,witn total assets evaluated to be RMB 30billion).Fully-owned subsidiaries of the Group include:ZHIZHENG FENGRUN Investment Co.,Ltd.(artworks exchange & trading center),Shenzheng Tailige Digital Technology Company Limited,Shenzhen Qinghuayuan Nano Technology Company Limited,Hong Kong Nano High-tech Company Limited,and ZHONGCHAO Nano Material Technology Company Limited. The Group has incubated cultural companieds with high-tech,and developed enterprise with cultural industry.The business scope of the Group covers high-tech,biological engineering,artworks collection and auction,academy for painting and calligraphy,artists cultivating base and artistic creation base and artworks appraisal shoool.In 2016,major developments of the Group include construction of the World Museum Building,a cultural landmark of Shenzhen along the Shenzhen Avenue in Luohu District.

In recent years, the Group spares no efforts shaping a world grade cultural expo group, highlighting its core objective and competitive strengths in the construction of new industrial modes integrating museum and cultural financing industries, basing on all-rounded extension of cultural expo industries. ZHIZHENG Art Museum under the Group has grown the largest privately owned museum in China, and the first Chinese museum maintaining partnership cooperation with UNESCO. ZHIZHENG Art Museum is chosen by the UNESCO as the Vice Chairman member on the World Museum Strategic Cooperation Alliance.



Mr. Wu Fuqing